What the Bible Says – Day 20 – Genesis 25-26

Abraham dies, Isaac’s wife has twins, they don’t like each other, and one sells his birthright to the other for food. (Meaning that the stew maker gets all the inheritance.)

And then Isaac did the same thing his father did, making the claim that his wife was his sister and having the king of Egypt take her as a wife.

It’s things like this that, in my opinion, prove that these pre-Moses stories were handed down orally. The same stories happen over and over. I don’t think that it’s coincidence, it’s history being shared orally and the stories merging together.

What do you think? In Sunday school churches teach these stories, in all their weirdness, as fact, but I don’t think we need to do that. It’s ok to just let them be stories. As I’ve said in previous entries in this series, they don’t have to be fact to be true. Myth carries the same weight as history in it’s ability to share truth.

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