What the Bible Really Says – Day 21 – Genesis 27-29

These people just aren’t really nice, are they? And now we have Jacob, who had already tricked his brother, now tricking his father.

Der flerk?

But it’s ok (well, no, but stick with me) because Jacob gets his. He has to marry the un-chosen sister in order to get the one he had the hots for. Ending up having to work 14 years for her.

Polygamy. What’s the dealio? “Well it was a different time and place and blah blah blah” Yet so many scream about the “Biblical definition of marriage!” Yet in no place does the Bible condemn polygamy. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob seemed pretty happy to let the nation of Israel come from polygamists who also married the servants of their wives.

It’s what it says. Really.

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