I stumbled across this interesting little gizmo. I forget where, initially, but a Patheos blogger discusses it here.

That it does is take every apparent contradiction in the Bible and link it all together. You can move your cursor over every arc and it will show you it’s connection to the verses that seem to contradict each other.

BibViz Project – Bible Contradictions, Misogyny, Violence, Inaccuracies interactively visualized

Some of the things it connects seem like a stretch, or at least pointless, like “Does God work on the Sabbath?” But others are real head scratchers, like “Can God do anything?”

I love and respect the Bible. It’s the written basis of my faith.

But unlike others, I do not believe the Bible is, in its entirety, is the word of God. I believe it contains the word of God, but it also contains human communication. I also don’t believe it was written by God. I believe God guided the authors, but ultimately it was written by men.

As such it’s important, vitally important, to know where the Bible contradicts itself. Or at least seems to. (I don’t believe all the contradictions on this site are, indeed, contradictions, due to the “humanness” of the authorship as I mentioned above. There certainly are contradictions, but I think a lot can be solved by know where God is speaking and where men are speaking.

I’m kind of off on a rant here, but it’s important to approach the Bible, if you approach it all, with respect not only to it’s Godliness, but also to it’s humanness. Not everything was written to be taken literally, not everything is written for all people at all times, and not everything needs to be hammered into your brain. Sometimes people are just talking to other people. Sometimes it’s history, sometimes it’s poetry and sometimes we just need to get the gist of it and not waste a lot of time comparing every jot and tittle to every other jot and tittle.

Ok, end of rant. But I hope you enjoy this website and can learn something from it.

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