Moving forward in 2018

2017 was hard. Really freaking hard.

If you found yourself unable to DO things, if you couldn’t write, create, work, build, and just BE, don’t feel bad. A lot of us, maybe even most of us, felt like we were literally punched in the gut. Punched in the gut every day, every single day, of 2017.

And here we are, a couple of days into 2018, and so far we’re still feeling punched, maybe even harder than before.

So what should we do?  How can we do anything if 2018 isn’t any better?

I don’t know. But I’m trying.

I’m trying to be me again.

I’m trying to DO things again.


And that’s what we have to do. Try.

I encourage you to try.

Not because you have to, not because I’m guilting you into it, not because it’s the “right thing to do” or some other such thing. Just try for yourself.

Try to be yourself.

Draw something, write, tinker, find something that makes you feel the least bit normal.

2018 isn’t going to be easier. I’m not going pretend it is and tell you it will be easier. It may very well be hard. Very very hard.

But find that thing, that one thing that makes you feel a little bit normal.

And continue to do it.

Because you’re important. Your ideas, your creations, your BEING is important. We need you.

So please, try.

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