Another Rant

Part of my goal for 2018 is to start posting a meaningful, insightful, educational blog post every day.

But until I can do that, I need to stretch my blogging muscles by just writing something every day. And right now that just means blowing out the pipes and clearing out some of the junk in my brain.

So if you are reading this, I hope you don’t mind that I just rant and ramble for a while.

The world, at least from where I live, looks kind of scary right now. A (very possibly) mentally unstable man holds the highest office in my country, and he’s already threatened nuclear war more than once in what seems to be a pi**ing contest with North Korea. The climate is messed up and people are making jokes about how cold it is. Our local economy is on the verge of a tailspin and no one wants to admit it, and my wife’s classroom is becoming more crowded every day as she tries to teach more kids with less (and spending her own paycheck to get the resources she needs).

I’m angry. And I’m tired.

And I know a lot of you feel the same way, even if you don’t live where I do.

And I know many of you will say “don’t give up! Resist! We can make a change!” and that’s true. We can. And I’m not giving up.

But man, oh man, am I tired.

I’m tired of Trump. I’m tired of our current congress. I’m tired of people not caring about climate change and advocating for more oil and more coal.  I’m tired of living below the poverty line because my body is broken and my wife dares to be a civil servant and as such doesn’t deserve as much money per week as someone who workes for minimum wage at McDonald’s (and she also works more than double the hours – and if she worked for someplace like Wal-Mart, who pays more than minimum wage, she’d make even more money, but apparently college educated teachers deserve less than a high school drop out who stocks shelves – and they all deserve a living wage. and now I’m so horribly digressed I don’t know how to get back.)

Back to my point….

I’m tired.

I’m tired of a system that doesn’t allow any of us to ‘win’. The best most of us can hope for is survival. And in a lot of cases just barely that. We eat leftovers until they start growing mold, we buy ramen not because we particularly like it, but because it’s lunch for 25 cents, we have to schedule all our trips and plot the best route to save gas so we have enough to go to work the next day. We don’t go to movies or out to eat (unless it’s to get something off a dollar menu when we have no other choice).  Our kids wear hand-me-downs that were hand-me-downs to the kids before. We haven’t bought any clothes for ourselves in 10 years.

And don’t get me started on healthcare, especially for someone like me who’s body seems determined to kill itself.

I’m tired.

I know you are too.

We don’t want hand-outs, we just want an hand to help us up. We’re tired of being blamed for the country’s budget and for the economy.

We’re tired of being kicked. Especially by people that are in teh same position we’re in, people who should know better.

So we’re angry

And oh so very tired.

And we feel like it won’t ever change. Like it can’t change. Like the system is rigged and we’ll be this way forever.

And that is probably true.

No, I’m not going to give you false hope. For you, it might be bad. Always.

But you’re not alone.

And in spite of what your politicians and your church and your family tells you, your circumstances are probably not your fault.

And it’s OK to ask for help


Because help is available.

I can’t promise you a gofundme with piles of money, I can’t promise you a place to live, I can’t promise you a better job.

But maybe if you ask, someone has those things for you. Or at least enough to get you a hand up.

There’s always hope.

One thought on “Another Rant

  1. As an observer from across the pond, I just want to say I understand that it cannot be easy living in the USA just now unless you are super rich. I’m pleased to see, from your page and others, that not all Christians in America support Trump and the GOP. Here in the UK, most Christians I know would identify with left of centre parties, and even those supporting the Conservative party are in favour our NHS, universal health care and support for the unemployed, disabled etc. I do hope the USA can get the message of love preached by Jesus rather than the message of hate that so many seem to want to spread, but Jesus always said our message would be unpopular. Hang on in there. I do pray things will improve.

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