Staring at a blank page?

I opened the editor this morning and spent a long time just staring at the blank page.

What should I write today?

And I’m looking at the news and the things going on and I’m tempted to just close it.

What can I say that will be helpful or educational or inspirational when there’s just so much…. ugh.

So I continue to stare at the blankness.

And it’s not just the page, it’s my life. Or so it seems sometimes.

My life is just a blank page.

Those of you who know me know that this community is pretty much my reason for being. I am unable to work due to chronic health issues. I have a pretty much constant headache that most days is a full blown migraine. It’s difficult to walk and if it weren’t for some help it would be hard to write or use the computer.

So I feel like life is blank, I don’t have a purpose. So I need to create one.

So I built a facebook page and a bunch of you joined.

And that’s awesome.

But there has to be more to life than this, right?

And maybe you feel the same way.

There has to be more than raging against a system that seems intent on keeping you down. There has to be more than dealing with bills and money and people and stuff.

There has to be meaning.

What is my meaning?

What is the meaning of life?


It’s taken me a long time to realize that there is no meaning to life

No meaning.

No reason.

God made us and put us here for no reason at all.

The theology is more complicated than that, obviously, and maybe someday we’ll get into that, but for now we’re just…. here.

So with no meaning what should we do?


Make your own.

Make your own meaning to life.

Make your own purpose. Create your own meaning.

Be your own being.

Find something that gives you purpose and do the crap out of that thing.

Yes, you still have to deal with bills and money and people, but with meaning, with purpose, those things won’t seem like such a mountain. They’re just chores.


Find the thing. Do the thing. Be the thing.

That’s your purpose.


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