Why are we always looking for things to be angry about? (Love Anyway Blog)

I have a morning routine that I follow. Coffee, a little prayer/meditation time, manage the Facebook pages I admin, check twitter for news.

Part of that is sometimes making a new image post for this page (Christianity Without The Insanity). Sometimes serious, sometimes satirical, sometimes just for fun.

But lately, I’ve gotten into this pattern that I have concluded is not healthy. While trying to figure out what to put in an image or meme I look at what others have posted on Facebook and Twitter and I find myself thinking “what should we be upset about today?”

“What are Christians angry about today?”

And it’s one of those ‘both sides’ things. I am somewhat of a traditionalist in my belief, but pretty far left in my politics, so I follow both “conservative” and “progressive” Christian pages and figures. And it seems like every day “both sides” are always looking for something to be angry about and posting to social media based on what they’re mad about rather than something positive.

That’s not to say there aren’t things we should be angry about. Not ‘mad’, angry. To me, mad implies out of control – “Hulking out” as the comics might portray it. But anger, it’s motivating, constructive. It’s an agent of change.

But if we’re living in a constant state of anger, if our face to the world is always “we need to be angry about this” and never something positive, never “look at this amazing thing”, then what are we really contributing to the world?

I include myself in that group, the Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts that are always angry.  Always posting things like “look how bad this is!”

And I realize today that I need to be more balanced.

We should be angry about some things. Angry that Flint Michigan still has water issues. Angry that profit-seeking is destroying some beautiful places God gave us in favor of oil. Angry that schools have to run “GoFundMe” campaigns to have enough money for heated classrooms.

But the world is also an amazing place with amazing people doing amazing things. The Obamas, for example, when they left the White House founded the Omaba Foundation that is doing some great work in Chicago. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is on the verge of eliminating some terrible diseases in impoverished parts of the world. There are artists and musician creating beautiful and heart-soaring pieces every day.

Why are we, instead, looking for something to be angry about? I won’t call out anyone by name, but there are pages out there that post nothing but links to how terrible our President and Congress are and never sharing positive things.

And I’ve fallen into the same trap with this page.

I vow to you to do better. To find more of a balance between the positive things that inspire and the things that should motivate us to action.

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