Some positivity today…

Things to remember when you’re having a bad day:

Groundhogs aren’t really predictors of season change. Spring is coming. The days are getting brighter and warmer.

Good music exists. With online streaming, you can find just about any kind of music to play on your phone or computer for free. Find something that lifts your soul.

You are beautiful. I don’t have to see your face to know that.

Ignore what is happening in your country’s capital. In your state capital. In your city hall. Even if it’s just for today. Focus on things around you. Your favorite show on Netflix, your favorite book, your comfy spot on the couch. Your dog on your lap.

Play a game. Find some pointless app for your phone or ipad or on your computer. Stack candy, squash bugs, hack and slash trolls. Something pointless with no real purpose.

This picture:


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