No, my intolerance of your intolerance doesn’t make me a hypocrite (Love Anyway Blog)

“Tolerance means accepting everything.” they might say, “So you have to accept my point of view.”

Have you heard that one?

It’s f’ing BS.

Tolerance does not mean you have to accept everything and anything as equally valid.

The US being what it is, people have the right to say and believe what they want.

But that also means other people have a right to tell you you’re stupid.


I preach tolerance. Every person, no matter their appearance, their sexual identity, their gender identity, their religious belief, we need to make sure everyone is treated equally.

And yes, that includes those that want to treat others as ‘less’.

But having equal rights under the law does not DOES NOT mean your point of view is as equally valid as others. You might have a right to think it and say it, but you don’t have the right to INFLICT it if it means others are injured.

I do not have to accept your belief if it is in conflict with the rights of others.

That is not me being intolerant of intolerance. That is being a decent human being when you are not.


What are your thoughts?


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