This is the time to talk about it. (Love Anyway Blog)

[The views expressed here may not represent those of everyone in the Christianity Without The insanity community.]

This is the time to talk about gun control. Indeed this is the only time to talk about it because within a day or so our collective amnesia will kick in and we’ll move on to the next cat video or YouTube personality’s controversy.

So we have to talk about now. Right now. While we’re still cleaning up the crime scene. While parents are yet again making funeral arrangements for their sons and daughters.

And before someone says “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Well, duh. I’m not talking about blaming an inanimate object, I’m talking about controlling PEOPLE WHO USE GUNS. Controlling who gets a gun. Controlling ammunition. Making common sense changes. Making the next school shooting that much harder to happen.

Let’s be grown ups here and have a real conversation.

We need laws and enforcement with teeth, real consequences. We need real restrictions on sales.  We need to seriously examine the Second Amendment and decide at what point our founding fathers would have thrown the stupid thing out and say: “dead children are not the price of gun ownership”. We need to look at what others countries have done and are doing to stop so-called “mass shootings” from happening because the US seems to be the only place it happens almost every freaking day.

The right to keep and bear arms does not – DOES NOT – supersede the inalienable rights of LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Dead children are not a price to be paid for your toy that goes ‘bang bang’.

The technology exists that can and would make murdering dozens of people in one go impossible. The technology exists that would make stealing or borrowing a gun impossible.

And we the people have the POWER to stop the NRA and other groups from keeping our children safe. We can and we HAVE TO shut them down. Vote out any politician that listens to them. Impeach any legislator that accepts money from them to keep common sense gun control from being voted on.

Not one more dead child.

Not one.

The price is too high.

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