Dern Liberals and other such insults (Love Anyway Blog)

I had to boot a troll from the facebook community today. I had made a post that said six words “How many more? #GunControlNow”.

From those 6 words an individual had made up their mind that I was a Democrat (or a liberal, not sure which as he seemed to use the two interchangably, which on the political spectrum, they are not the same), that I wanted to blame guns, inanimate objects, for murder (which no one actually does because that’s stupid – gun control is about people with guns, not guns themselves), and that, above all, I was stupid (because I was a Democrat/Liberal who blamed inanimate objects for murder).

Probably the easiest way to spot a troll is that they openly insult you based on assumptions and not things you actually said.

But honestly, I don’t have  time for insults.

Call me whatever you want. Stupid, Liberal, anti-gun hippie. I don’t care. I don’t have time to play that game.

What I will spend my time on is change.


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