Thinking about Resisting

We’re facing a time in this country that is… messy, to say the least. And the word #Resist is being thrown around a lot.

And that’s good, I think. Without going into all the messiness let me just say that I support resisting. Especially with the Supreme Court being shifted to the right.

But what does that look like for you and me and all of us that think they can’t do much?

Let me tell you the story of my grandfather.

My first memories of him are in the 70s. I don’t honestly know how old he would have been at the time, but I always saw him as someone that had lived quite a life.

When I was older, old enough to understand such things, I learned he had served during World War II. We have a picture of him standing by the wheel of some enormous aircraft.

He wasn’t a pilot, or even on a crew for one of these planes, he was a mechanic. And he wasn’t stationed in Europe or the Pacific, he served in Texas.

Yet, I consider him a war hero. He didn’t do something like liberate a concentration camp or raise the flag on Iwo Jima, he turned a wrench in Texas to keep flying things flying. There’s no way to know if any of the planes he might have worked on was involved in anything historically significant (there are probably records somewhere in the Pentagon archives) but does it matter?

My grandfather served. He fought Hitler and the Axis powers. Maybe not with bullets on a beach in France, but with a toolbox in the continental US.

And if we are talking about doing real things in real time to make a stand for the rights of the people in this country and elsewhere, then that is what Resistance will be.

Oh, certainly there will be grand court battles. There will be riots and marches that will be important. There might even be actual shots fired (some would say – and I agree – that shots have already been fired). But the work, the real work of resisting isn’t done with marching and lawyers and bullets, rather with toolboxes and text messages and cold water.

I hope some of you will do some great things in the coming days, weeks, and years. But I honestly hope more of you will be the ones with wrenches, in Texas, fixing engines.

Do what you can. Where you are. Every act is great. Every soldier is a hero. There are no little things.


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