Frustrated angry grunting and screaming

Sometimes I need to just get on here and make a lot of screaming noises because everything is just – ugh.

So I’m going to vent because it’s my blog and I get to do what I want. So feel free to ignore, or scream at me, or scream with me…

(Seriously, just going to rant a while. No facts here, just me screaming into the void my frustrated opinions about stuff.)

So where to start? I’m just angry. Angry at people that just don’t seem to ‘get it’. Pro-life people. Trump supporters. Libertarians. Netflix. The fan I got at Wal-mart that only seems to blow about 2 feet…

And is it wrong to be angry? Everyone tells me that it is. The Bible says a lot about it, that it doesn’t bring righteousness, that in my anger I should not sin, and about 100 verses in Proverbs.

But Jesus got angry. He made a whip and chased people out of the Temple. He murdered a fig tree (ok, harsh word, but still…) because it didn’t have any fruit on it.

So I’m angry. I’m human. Sue me. But how can we look at the world, at the frustratingly ignorant way some people think and believe, and not be angry?

Like the pro-life crowd, who are actually pro-birth. Pro-forced-birth. They believe, basically, pregnancy is punishment for having sex. “If you don’t want to be a parent, don’t have sex,” is basically their stance. Birth control exists, so if you get pregnant, it’s your fault and you can’t have an abortion.

Seriously? You think (wrongly) that someone gets pregnant that they were obviously being irresponsible, but you want to force this person that you believe to be irresponsible to have a baby?

“But you can put it up for adoption!” – except there are already thousands of children waiting to be adopted and the system is overloaded as it is, why should we put more kids, from ‘irresponsible’ people into the system?


“But heartbeats and taking an innocent life and yadda yadda! A lifeless embryo will be a human if you do nothing! So how can you abort it?”

Because the Supreme Court has decided long ago that no one should be forced to give birth. A cluster of lifeless cells being removed from a woman’s body is not murder. It’s barely anything.

But let’s keep going off about forcing women to give birth.

And while I’m ranting, let’s point out that these pro-forced-birth people are also Trump supporters. A lot of whom feel that any type of public support, be it the so-called food stamp program, healthcare, disability, social security, any of it, needs to be terminated. They want none of ‘their’ taxes to support ‘lazy people’. But they want to force mothers to give birth to babies they can’t support without those safety net programs? Then what will happen?

Years ago – it must be almost 15 years ago – we had a preacher at our church (who didn’t last long before he was either fired or quit, depending on who you ask) flat out told me this: “God needs us to stop abortion so these babies can be born, but after that it’s not our responsibility to support them, it’s in God’s hands if they die.”

So we must force birth, because that’s what God wants. But helping babies already born to live and survive and have a good life? That’s not our problem.

And my preacher friend is not the only one who thought that way, nor is he (if he still thinks this way) the only one who thinks and acts and VOTES this way now. In the end, it’s not about protecting life, it’s punishing women for having sex.

How selfish of any of us to assume that sex is something that must be punished, and bringing an innocent life into the picture as that punishment? Who sad are we as a species?

The whole libertarian mindset of “I got mine, pull yourself up, it’s not my responsibility to help” – disgusting. When literally all of us, every single one of us, is dependent on others for so many parts of our lives. Public schools, paved roads, fire departments, police protection, consumer protection laws… if we go the way of “every man for himself” we descend into lawless chaos. The few end up with much, the masses end up starving.

Or is that capitalism? because it seems we already have that…

How can any of us live in a world where we’re not concerned with other people? How can we exist in a state of mind that other people don’t matter? That ALL other people don’t matter?

How can we read about the Jesus who told us “love thy neighbor as thyself” and then turn around and say “but I can’t love that person until they repent of their sin” or, in our hubris declare that “I’m telling them to stop being themselves because I love them”.

That’s not what Jesus meant. I mean, of course, if we see someone who is recklessly destroying themselves with drugs or booze or bad driving we should say something to them, but someone who is just living their life, just existing in a state of being where they happen to be attracted to someone of the same sex, or choose to be single forever, or not have children… how do we get up in their business and declare that we’re doing it ‘in love’?

That’s like the opposite.

We, as disciples of Christ, cannot say we hate the methods of groups like the Westboro Baptist church while secretly agreeing with their message. Either go all in on that stance, or admit that they’re wrong to hate people for being themselves.

I’m just going to keep going with my rant. It’s been too long since I’ve blogged and I really need to blow out the pipes. Writing used to be easy for me, and it still sort-of is, but I’m out of practice. My laptop blew up and so many in this community so gladly donated to get me a new one and I feel I owe it to you to get back to creating content that means something.

I don’t mean that in a bad “I guess I owe you way”, but rather in a “get back to what I love and give because I love” way.

And I promise I won’t always just rant and rave, but I will sometimes. Because sometimes you just gotta vent it out and rant through your problems and get it all out.

Ok, I’m done for now. Talk again soon.

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