Thoughts on Thanksgiving

So here we are, talking about Mayflowers and Pilgrims and First Nation people and parades and football and turkeys being roasted and pies being baked and whether it’s called “stuffing” or “dressing”…

And that’s all well and good. History is important, good food and parades and football are fun. Being together and enjoying the holiday, families, friends, that’s good good stuff.

And this is going to sound cliche’ but cliche’s are cliche’s for a reason.

Don’t forget to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Yeah, yeah. I know. And we could get all tangled up in that first Thanksgiving and who the Pilgrims really were and who they were thanking and for what, but honestly, don’t forget to GIVE THANKS this Thanksgiving.

The world is a mess right now. We have Presidents under investigation, we have others trying to move their countries out of alliances with others, we have protests and revolts and wars and everything going crazy.

The world is like that sometimes. The world is like that all the time.

But there is still a lot to be thankful for.

There are those taking a stand for truth and justice, seeking the truth, even if that truth isn’t what some hope it is. We have those taking a stand against the injustices of greedy government officials. We have people who are actively working toward peace and safety.

For them I give thanks.

We have people working for clean water, clean air, clean energy.

For them I give thanks.

We have school teachers telling our students, our leaders of the future, truth, truth above and beyond the political noise. We have church leaders speaking truth to power even though that might mean their congregations will turn against them.

For them I give thanks.

For these people and many more,

I am most thankful.

For friends and allies and children unafraid to be themselves,

I am most thankful.

For my abundance that allows me to give and help and support others,

I am most thankful.

For the community that has sprung up around me to talk and share and work together, even when the trolls come and try to divide us,

I am most thankful.

What are you thankful for?

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