It’s time to give in on the Abortion Issue

Not you, them.

There’s a not-so-new idea going around that is gaining new momentum. The argument goes something like this:

A lot of people are single issue voters. They vote solely on the idea that this candidate or that one will overturn Roe v. Wade. If we just do that, overturn that Supreme Court ruling on abortion, those people will stop being one issue voters and there’s a good chance that most of them will become more social-justice minded voters.

On the surface, this seems fairly logical. If we just let go of the ruling from Roe v. Wade, it’s no longer a nationwide issue, the states can decide for themselves what they will do about abortion, and on the national stage we can stop electing Presidents based on this one issue.

But here’s the question – after we ‘give in’ on abortion, what will we be asked to ‘give in’ on next?

There’s a history behind the single-issue voter campaign that needs to be understood.

And it starts with the birth of the Conservative Christian movement.

Some will tell you that the movement rose in response to the legalization of abortion. That’s revisionist history at its worst. It wasn’t until 1979, more than 6 years after Roe v. Wade, that we started seeing abortion being discussed on the level of a ‘national sin’ that it is today.

I won’t rehash the entire drama here, but for a good history, I suggest this article from Politico.

The truth is that before abortion was an issue, desegregated schools were the single-issue that the Christian Right wanted voted down.

And what happens if we give in on abortion? There will be another. And another. And another single issue they want us to elect a President to take care of.

Why? Because the leaders of the Religious Right have figured out that they can use faith to manipulate people to vote in the candidate they want, preferably one they can control.

And nothing illustrates the success of this manipulation than the election of Donald Trump. Trump has no real concern for abortion, except whatever his speechwriters put in front of him to pull on the heartstrings of people just enough to keep them outraged. Other than it being mentioned in his speeches Trump has done nothing to end Roe v. Wade. Not one thing in the public record.

And he won’t. Neither will the next President, if it’s one the conservative Christians want. Or the one after that. Reagan didn’t, neither Bush did, no one will actually do anything to overturn Roe v. Wade.

So it’s time to give in on it. Not us who want to keep abortion safe and legal, them. You, dear reader, if you are one who continues to vote for a President based on the issue of abortion.

Let it go. Stop letting yourself be manipulated into electing ‘pro-life’ Presidents who put us in deadly wars. Pro-life Presidents who are pro-death penalty. Pro-life Presidents who have children dying in detention camps for crossing an imaginary line.

Let the issue of abortion go and start being truly Pro-Life. Vote for the candidate that will truly care for people and enact policies that reflect that.

Pro-life is more than anti-abortion. Pro-life means no war. Pro-life means ending poverty. Pro-life means ending immigration policies that let children die in cages. Pro-life means healthcare that puts health first and not insurance company profits. Pro-life means ending life-long prison sentences for selling parts of a plant, while awarding companies that sell pills that have the same effect with record profits.

It’s time to let abortion go.


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