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Over the years, especially recently, a lot of insanity has been added to the very simple message of Christ and Christianity. We want to end that. We want to cut out the insanity and keep Christ.  Here are a few examples:

“You can’t be pro-choice and Christian”
Ridiculous. Christ said nothing about abortion. And not because it didn’t exist in his time. Granted there weren’t the gruesome tools used by modern doctors, but it was a common practice in Roman times. Also, the Bible itself gives instructions on how to abort a child conceived through an affair (Numbers 5:11-31).
We believe the only way to end abortion is through the pro-choice movement. Passing a law making abortion illegal won’t end it. Only through education, availability of safe birth control, and really good medical care can we make sure every pregnancy is a WANTED pregnancy. Those things are only found in the pro-choice movement. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion, it’s pro-“pregnancies should be wanted”. No one in their right mind is pro-abortion, even the doctors that perform it agree that it’s a horrible procedure. Roe v. Wade won’t be overturned, but if it is it will be the worst thing to happen to women. Abortions will go back to being back-alley procedures. The only way to end it is to end unwanted pregnancies. As Christians, we must embrace education, accessibility to birth control, and medical care as the way to end abortion. Not a blanket ban.

“You can’t be a liberal (Democrat) and a Christian”
We still can’t figure out exactly what this is supposed to mean. Often it figures back into the abortion discussion, the assumption being that only conservative (Republican) candidates will sign a ban on abortion. Which is probably true, but as mentioned in the last point, we don’t believe that’s the best way.
But other things are thrown into this discussion. Gun control, same-sex marriage, the death penalty, financial inequality, and so on and so on.
We don’t believe that political standing has anything to do with religion. In fact, we would really like to see religion completely divorced from political matters.  While our founder/editor is extremely liberal, we don’t feel that liberalism nor conservativism is an indicator of one’s religious conviction and insisting that a Christian must be one or the other is a ridiculous discussion that avoids the issues and tried to bury everything under a single banner.

“You can’t be a Christian and support same-sex marriage”
This one is messy. Really freaking messy. On the one hand, there are some very clear rules regarding same-sex relations in the books of Moses. On the other, there are some not-so-clear things that Paul wrote in his letters in the New Testament. And yet again there is a loud, glaring silence regarding same-sex relations in the teachings of Christ. Exactly what are we to do with this?
We at CWOTI are opting for support. Not because “God approves”. Not because “Jesus didn’t say anything”. But because love wins. And if God is love, as we are taught in the Bible, and if God loves us, as is taught in the Bible, then you can’t deny love. This might be unbiblical. And it might even be against God. But on this point, we take this stand. Love is love. And we can’t deny love just because some people “sin” differently than we do.
What we really want is for this discussion to end so we can move on to the real issues that need our attention, issues regarding hunger and homelessness and disease. We have to move past what is really a non-issue and start doing the right thing for all people. We support same-sex marriage so it can remain legal and the attention of everyone can just move the bleep on.

“You can’t be a Christian and not support capitalism”
What the freak does this even mean? I know basically this is just another way of standing on your roof and screaming “‘MURICA!!!” But why? Show me one little tiny itty bitty thing from the Bible that says anything about the economic model of capitalism and why “God approves”. Just one.
This is really just stupid.

“You can’t be a Christian and not believe that America is God’s chosen nation”
This is part of the previous point but involves broader issues of patriotism and jingoism.  It’s insane to believe that the United States is somehow the only nation, the only group of people, approved by God. If that’s true, why do churches send out missionaries? Why not send out plane tickets, passports, and citizenship applications instead? Bring everyone here if we’re God’s chosen people.
Personally, we just can’t wrap our brain around this. Christians in the UK and the African nations and China and the Latin American nations… they’re…. what? Nothing? People are God’s chosen people (“For God so loved THE WORLD…”)

“The Bible is 100% literal and every word is the word of God! Also, you must read King James (or some other translation ONLY!)”
I don’t even know where to start with this. The Bible is THE BIBLE, it is our holy text. But the Bible is a lot of things. It’s history, it’s poetry, it’s songs, it’s letters, it’s parables….
To claim that every word in it is meant for all people for all time, that the Genesis creation stories are 100% literal, that Paul’s letters to the early churches are the final word on everything…. that’s just insane. My opinion, and by no means am I speaking for everyone here, is that the Bible CONTAINS the word of God, but it not, in its entirety, the word of God. It’s not necessary to believe that the creation story, that Noah’s ark, that Job’s saga… that any of that is completely 100% literal.
And just to be clear, I don’t think that one English translation is better than another. The best we can do with any translation is look at the oldest existing writings we have in their own languages. And those languages are first-century and older Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew (and Latin). And with those old versions of those languages comes the challenges of not just translating, but interpreting the dialect and the handwriting (since, duh, everything was hand-written). So just don’t even approach me with that KJV only crap because…. just ugh.

We could go on and on and on, but if you follow us, join in the discussion, together we can root out all this insanity, call it what it is, and maybe, just maybe, kill it.

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All welcome, no matter what you believe (or don’t believe).

Trolls will not be tolerated.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Who are you? Are you a Christian? What makes you a Christian? I have many Christian friends who are progressives. I have many Christian friends who are gay. I agree with other statements you’ve made. But I do disagree with some of your statements here. What does that make me? You believe I am are judgemental if I don’t agree with you. Please explain. I believe many of your blogs are judgemental against Christians you don’t agree with. Don’t say you love me but want nothing to do with me. That is not tolerance. Your statements are eerily like blogs of John Pavlovitz’s…almost to the tee. That makes them even more interesting. I’ve followed him for years. Just curious. Once again…what sets you apart as a Christian? Why do you not use your name/names…but expect mine. I respectfully ask that my name and email be kept off your website and Facebook page until I get an email response from you. If you want to share my comment I only want my first name used. Respectfully…warm regards.

    • That is a lot of questions so I don’t know where to start. What makes me a Christian or sets me apart as a Christian? I can only say I don’t want to be set apart, I only do my best to serve Christ.

      As for your name and email, I have no control over how wordpress or facebook asks for or displays them. That’s not something I can do. Sorry.

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