Dear Trump Supporter,

Well, here we are. Talking again about how we disagree on so so many things.

But this time we’re disagreeing while the guy you support is being investigated for possible impeachment.

And honestly, it’s not looking good for your guy. The very evidence HE put out seems very incriminating to me. And to the people with the power to do the actual impeaching.

And his tweets – he seems very‚Ķ well, panicked, honestly. Everything he’s saying right now is like a guy who knows he’s been caught.

And I gotta ask, sincerely, do you still support him? You claim your faith forces you to support him and the things you want to happen. You want abortion to end, you want LGBTQ+ rights revoked, you even want the world to end to the Rapture will happen and Jesus will return. You claim that’s what you want and that’s why you support Trump.

But I believe in the same God and Jesus you claim to follow. But MY faith in that God leads me down a very different path. My faith leads me to take the side of love and support rather than hate and fear.

You support Trump for things I don’t want. I want every immigrant in this country, and trying to come to this country, to be treated humanely, respectfully, and welcomed as a fellow human being. But you want them treated like animals, criminals, and loaded into trains, planes, and automobiles and shipped out. Why? Because of some “America For Americans” nonsense? Except for the First Nations people that we’ve treated so unfairly, Americans are 100% immigrants. My family, your family, all of them immigrants or descended from immigrants.

You want your Second Amendment rights protected. Or rather you want your INTERPRETATION of your Second Amendment rights protected.
And that, simply, is wrong. It wasn’t that long ago that people in your political party supported an assault rifle ban. Your parents or grandparents voted for Reagan. Maybe even YOU, maybe you are old enough to have voted for Reagan. And you supported him with HIS view on gun control.

And in spite of all the other things Reagan did (a whole different discussion) he was RIGHT on gun control. And for the most part, his assault rifle ban WORKED. Murder and suicide rates by gun went DOWN. They went down A LOT. And while the ban was in effect we didn’t have such a thing as ‘mass murder’, at least not on the scale we see today with 20 or 30 people or more being killed at once. That is until Columbine, but even THEN they didn’t have access to assault rifles and what those horrible boys did could have been a whole lot worse if they did.

But you don’t seem to care about protecting kids in schools and the elderly in their public places like churches because you think owning guns and being able to get them easily is more important. Whether you voice it or not you think gun ownership trumps the right to stay alive. And you think Trump believes that too.

And that frankly disgusts me. Our right to EXIST and be SAFE in public spaces should ALWAYS take precedence over the right to own ANY weapon.

And worse, you claim your faith leads you to support Trump because of some End-times crap that he will bring about the end of the world and force the Rapture or Jesus’ return or some other garbage. You think his and the other Republican’s support for Isreal will bring about World War III or something and you WANT that so the Rapture will happen and we can all go home to Heaven finally.

And I don’t know how you can’t see how RIDICULOUS that sounds. Ridiculous and honestly kind of heartless and evil. You want MILLIONS of people to die in a war in the middle east because you want the world to end and you can go flying into the sky to be with Jesus.

I mean…. really? Aren’t we as Christians called to peace and love above EVERYTHING else, even the Second Coming? Jesus said over and over no one knows the time or the hour and as such we can’t FORCE it to happen. So while we’re here we should put that to the back of the line and above all we need to LOVE and care for people, not promote war and death.

But you can’t get that, can you? You just want Trump to push that button and end us all because Jesus.

That makes me physically ill.

Your coldness, your heartlessness, against your fellow man, be they an immigrant to this country, or a citizen of this country who might be killed by a gun, or in Israel and the other countries in the middle east that you want to be nuked into oblivion… that coldness is what makes it to hard to believe that we have faith in the same God. The Bible says Christians should be known for their love. And anyone who doesn’t care about people enough to PREVENT their death rather than PROMOTING it has no love in their heart. Sure, you probably love your family enough to protect them, you might even love your church family enough to want them kept from death, but other than that you don’t care. Worse, you actively want them to die.

And that’s why you support Trump. You don’t care enough about others to stop these terrible things from happening.

And that is why, dear Trump supporter, that I have to let you go and stop trying to talk and reason with you.

Your coldness, heartlessness, your longing for death and destruction of others, and your unwillingness to believe that God wants none of those things… that is why I have to let you go. Nothing I say to you, no Biblical evidence I share with you to show your faith has been distorted, none of that matters to you.

You live in an echo chamber now, listening only to voices that verify what you believe rather than hearing the truth and having any compassion for others.

So good-bye. Maybe you’re my biological brother. Maybe you’re someone I have known my whole life, maybe you’re that guy at church. It doesn’t matter because I’ve tried to talk to you and you’re lost.

I hate to let you go, but honestly, there’s nothing else I can do. All you talk about is how much you hate. And as much as I love you, I just can’t listen to it anymore. Not one more second.

I love you, but this is good-bye. Maybe someday you’ll realize what the hate is doing to you and you’ll find love again. When you do, look me up. I’ll be here, still loving you in my heart.