Facebook Group Guidelines


This is the about/guidelines page for the facebook group: facebook.com/groups/christianitywithouttheinsanity

The group is an extension of the page:

So HI! If you are reading this, you asked to join or were invited to join CWOTI. You don’t have to follow the page to be in the group, nor do you have to be in the group to follow the page. But they are linked and therefore share a common description and common ‘goals’.

“Christianity Without The Insanity” is not associated with any author, book, church, or anything other than itself. It’s a stand-alone community.

“CWOTI” is not a charity or business. It exists only as a community.

I began CWOTI as a response to Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and all the others that seemed to want to insist that to be Christian you had to be Conservative, that somehow Christianity was somehow linked to the Republican party and to be one you had to be the other. I wanted people to know that Christianity was not tied to politics. I wanted to give people an opportunity to speak back to those who want to hijack the dialog. And most of all I want there to be a dialog.

It has since grown to be a bigger, larger conversation. And I want everyone, Christians of all stripes, and non-christians of all stripes, to be welcome, to have a voice, and to just enjoy being.

As a community, I don’t want to impose a lot of rules, but we do have a few:

As the name implies, CWOTI has Christian roots. We will talk about religious things. But you DO NOT have to be religious to join. Just be aware that it will be part of the dialog. But we will talk about LOTS of other things too, religion is not the primary focus.

We are a diverse group. We will touch on topics that you might disagree with.

Please join in the conversation, but keep your comments polite when disagreeing.

“Cussing” is OK, but be aware of your audience. Use it sparingly. If asked to stop by someone in the conversation, please respect their wishes.

Politics is OK, but be aware that people will disagree. Keep your comments focused on the issues and candidates. Personal attacks won’t be tolerated. Words like “rethuglicans” and “libtards” will result in being kicked out.

There is a zero troll policy. No warnings. Just kicking.

There is a zero bullying policy. Please report bullying. No warnings, just kicking.

NO SPAMMING!! This includes links to click bait sites that primarily exist to make money from advertising. These links will be deleted without comment. This also includes sites like Patreon and GoFundMe. If you really need to post a link to one of them, ask first.

NO PORN! I, personally, have no issue with it. But Facebook does. Groups get shut down for allowing people to post pornography. So to keep the group alive, this is a zero tolerance issue.

We are a community, so we want to support each other. If you have a cause, a fundraiser, something you feel the community might be willing to support, please ask an admin if you can post it. If it’s appropriate, we will allow it.

You are welcome to invite anyone! Send them the link or send an admin their email. They don’t have to be part of the CWOTI page.